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  • Feb 26

    This is one of my personal favorites. On occasion, I’ll do lectures  for local garden clubs and the like, but do I admit, not readily. The engagements require a bit of coaxing I’m afraid. The unrealistic 2 hour time slot of setting up,  breaking down , performing the actual lecture as well as purchasing the materials needed takes place only after hours of prep work.

    I had the priveliege of acquiring much of my training in a quaint A-frame garden shop complete with a fireplace in the front room nestled by the ten mile river in my home town.I was able to bring my children to work with me and spent 20 years of my life there.My customers soon became friends and I was blessed with all that all a person could wish, wrapped under the guise of “work.” Truth be known, my vocation was my avocation. It was a simpler time before technology began to soar so fiercely.

    In any event,I was broached one summer, not too long ago, by a long-time “friend” that served as the local garden club president for eons, to come up with a program to be scheduled in the fall. Enticed by drinks at Jesse’s home in the “guise’ of a comfortable evening, as well as the offer to  access  treasures she had accumulated throughout the years for the demonstration, I caved.

    This video very accurately captured my personality.  I hate the term lecture and consciously choose to present programming with as much casual informity as possible.Audience participation is always key for me.

    My greatest attribute is creativity coupled with an imagination that just won’t quit. The table settings were purely invented on the spot with the treasures available and I think anyone would agree, one or more of the designs could be easily personally  adapted for a simply elegant dinner party.

    I thank Jesse for coaxing one reluctant designer to this engagement. I must also thank Mr. Mike Rowe of “Dirty jobs” for his impromptu appearance. I dare say; I think I would be the most perfect co-host for an episode or two on “his” show! If you’re in the position to do so; please forward the invitation to this fine gentleman with all good intentions 🙂


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