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     Meet me at the  gate with any gardening questions.

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    1. I was attempting to find your particular Facebook fanpage so I could like it as I have really enjoyed seeing this post! Keep up the good work

    2. Dawn Tuzzo said on

      Hi! I recently went to the Garden and Flower show in Providence. I noticed you had a bottle tree, wooden , with a birdhouse on top. Do you know if this item is for sale somewhere? I love it, could probably make one, but know I won’t. Thanks for any help!

    3. Bill Hewitt said on

      I saw your You Tube/Emily’s Garden posting that featured a garden railway. I have a very elaboate garden railway in Mansfield, MA. The railway has been established for over 12 years and contains many various plantings. It is a garden that has a railway in it rather than a outdoor railroad with a few plants added. It has been featured in local newspapers, national publications and WBZ TV. There is a large group of us that belong to a club and a number of us welcome visitors. It is a great hobby!

    4. Ann Halsing said on

      I would also like to know about the bottle tree,I loved your display at the Garden Show,I like to incorprate odd things in & around my flower gardens. I would also like to know if you are going to be on cable anytime soon. Thanks Ann

    5. Emily, you are so creative & full of information. I love these shows and how they get back to nature & preserve the foundation for local grown foods. Keep up the great work!

    6. Thank you!

    7. Hello, I purchased a wreath off you this past Saturday for my wife and she loved it. Hope to see more of your work at the market.

    8. Thank you for taking the time to pass that along.It made my day :)You’ll see me at the market selling fresh zinnias from my garden throughout the summer and again next fall with more wreaths.Thank you once again. Happy autumn!

    9. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

    10. Sorry. I get quite a lot of Spam. I really wanted just a web-site, not a blog. I actually did write a book already. This site, such as it is at least allows a presence on-line and to upload videos. I thank you though, you appear to have actually been among the few that might have actually looked in:) Happy New Years!

    11. Emily& cool post

    12. Jude Christian said on

      Dear Emily, I had the pleasure of enjoying your recent YouTube called The Green Spark. I attended the IHS this year and loved your video it beautifully encompassed the experience I had. I was also the person who created the labyrinth that was laid for people to use and was overjoyed to see how many took advantage of its presence at the conference. It was lovely to see it as a feature of your piece but was wondering if there was space at this late date to add credit to me for the laying of the labyrinth? And if not in the video perhaps on your web page when you post it? Thank you so much for such an enjoyable 30mins of remembering that wonderful conference!
      Yours Jude Christian

    13. Hi Emily, Thanks for the Hydrangea Wreath post! I have a bush and tree to make several. Also, can you tell me if Donna Hogan has a website where she sells her soaps? Soap in a coat was another wonderful post, thanks!

      Happy Gardening,

    14. tim shaw said on

      what is the music you use at the end of your show when the credits are shown? what is the name and who is it by?

    15. Which episode?

    16. tim shaw said on

      its the music you play at the end of all your episodes. it is at the very end when the credits roll.

    17. christine plante said on

      Hi Emily, I actually came across you by accident via Scott Dubuc on FB. What I see I love. Do you have a web site or only through FB? I am very curious about this music too lol. I will friend you on FB to be “in the loop”

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