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    Feb 17

  • Feb 17

    Bring your geraniums back to life!

    This episode was a lot of fun.The Emily’s Garden series is that of a life-style concept  that connects subject matter to the earth and our traditions. We leave from my garden you see, and embark on a journey making the subject matter endlessly fun and informative. When I first began to develop the format I found segways a major problem until I discovered, purely by accident, what is fondly and most acurately called the ” jump-cut. “I”m probably dating myself here, but if anyone else remembers the series called “Bewitched”, You’ll recall that a tweek of “Samanta Stevens” nose brought her to places all around the world and beyond in but an instant. My chosen mode of travel in this series is to snap my fingers (along with some pre-determined edits) to arrive at my destinations in a timely manner, don’t cha’ know:)

    Every now and again,I  encounter a really delightful guest that not only understands the format but plays along with it quite well. Ray Aubin is one of those magical people. Watch this episode, shot for Memorial Day at Attleboro Farms in North Attleboro Massachusetts as Ray explains how to propagate a geranium. This episode is great fun and most definitely a timeless,  informative piece of work to watch as we ready for this holiday.


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